From: John Wylam - Subject: Dean/Hopper/Tippett/Marshall

Hi, Aymeric and Rattlers All -- After an apology for the long lurk, I have to add 2 cents' worth to the gig info about the above-mentioned quartet. Now, this is going to date me a little, but here's my admission: If I had to name four musicians I'd want to see in a "dream-" setting, if I could rub the magic lantern, I think this'd be one version. I've been a KT fan since, well, forever ago (the second King Crimson LP, and then, a bit later, Tippett's first recording as a leader, *You Are Here....I Am There*). The idea of Tippett working with three alumni of the Softs....well, bless us all. Here's a really stupid question, folks. Is there any information as to whether this group has recorded? What an amazing document it would be, whether the entire concert was improvisation or a blend of improvs and set pieces. While on the subject of Tippett, I thought I'd contribute a couple of quick notes. First, for anybody traveling to San Francisco, you owe it to yourself to check out either of the two Amoeba Music stores. The main store is on Haight St. in a converted bowling alley, and folks, believe me when I tell you they use every square inch of space, and the other is in Berkeley and nearly as large (also very near Rasputin Music, a place of almost comparable size). Selections are marvelous, as you can imagine. They're trying to develop an on-line service as well. The other note takes the form of a question -- does anybody know whether Tippett's *You Are Here....* has ever been released on CD? I still have a copy of the LP which, sadly, now skips. KT's second, *Dedicated To You....* has been released on CD and is quite wonderful. I hear rumors that the landmark Centipede recording *Septober Energy* is on CD now, but haven't been able to confirm it.

Wishing all of you well from the wilds of northwestern Ohio.... John Wylam

From: Lake - Subject: Dean/Hopper/Tippett/Marshall WR#129 listed an upcoming concert by Dean/Hopper/Tippett/Marshall. Do these musicians apear on a cd as such ? Anything in the works ?

[No, there isn't any album by this line-up yet, and I assume they haven't even rehearsed together yet. As Olaf Seidel wrote, the quartet has been specially assembled for the event. The concert will be part of a opening ceremony for an exhibition of about 10 East German painters (one of them is Dr. Thomas Mueller alias T.M. Rotschoenberg, the main organizer of the event). Hopefully, there will be a recording of the concert—Aymeric Leroy]